Specialist Skills

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Specialist Skills

Creating Raw Material Crafting Final Products Other
Farming Alchemy Leadership
Fishing Animal Handling Soldiering
Foraging Blacksmithing
Herbalism Bower/Fletcher
Hunting Brewing
Mining Carpentry
Gem Cutting

Skills for gathering Raw Materials

Skill Description Location Required Provides
Farming: This skill covers the operation of a farm and the production
of goods from that farm. This could be in the form of crops
grown, animals maintained and cared for with an eventual
end of reproduction or for slaughter.
Farm (animal)
Farm (food)
Cloth & String
Food (veggie)
Food (meat)
Fishing: This skill can be used to catch fish of all sizes and shapes.
This skill also covers the basic knowledge of such creatures
such as their habitat, hours of activity, basic diet and
relations with other creatures that share their
Fishable water Food (meat)
Foraging: This skill can be used to aid in the collection of basic
foodstuffs and supplies when in the wild. This includes where to
best search for food and which trees are best for lumber as well
as how to maintain a sustainable environment.
Fungal Forest
or similar
Food (Veggie)
Herbalism: This skill can be used to create simple concoctions of herbs
and naturally growing plants. These powders, pastes and
poultices are most often used for simple household or
health remedies such as the flavoring of dull food, aiding in
digestion or even treating common ailments and
Fungal Forest
Farm (herb)
Hunting: This skill can be used to actively hunt common animals.
This skill covers the knowledge of such creature’s habitats,
feeding patterns and the ecosystem in which they live
including their predator and prey animals. Tracking the
animals requires a Perception check as normal to track.
These skills are highly valued among the nobility as a
proper hobby for an upper class individual to be engaged
and trained in.
non-settled area Food (Meat)
Mining: This skill can be used to bring rocks, metal and gems from
their homes deep within the earth. Mining is incredibly
hard and dangerous work and those willingly engaged in
such pursuits take great pride in their ability to “smell out”
rich veins of ore or similar resources. Such raw materials
are then used in other craft skills such as Blacksmithing,
Engineering and Gem Cutting.
Mine (type) Block

Skills for creating Final Products

Skill Description Required Provides
Alchemy: This skill can be used to brew certain poultices, herbal
remedies and assorted other non-magical chemical items.
Though historically, alchemy was about the pursuit to turn
base metals (such as lead) into gold, within the span of the
game, it is more about creating concoctions that have
unique properties (such as the ability to aid in restoring
wounds, or potent poisons) without magic.
Herbs Medicine
Animal Handling: This skill can be used to calm and train non-hostile animals.
This does not cover combat training but rather simple tricks
(sit, roll over, etc.). Only normal animals, not beasts can be
trained with this skill.
Wild Animals
Blacksmithing: This skill can be used to create basic items from metal
through forge work. The craftsman can make items such as
nails, horseshoes or weapons. The cost to create such items
is one half the base price listed in the equipment section.
Metal Armor
Weapons (melee)
Weapons (ranged)
Bower/Fletcher: This skill can be used to create bows, crossbows and similar
ranged items from wood or more exotic materials such as
ivory. A bowyer is also capable of creating arrows through
the application of this skill.
Cloth & String
Weapons (ranged)
Arrows & Bolts
Brewing: This skill can be used to brew alcoholic beverages. This
covers of all types from beers (ales, lagers, etc), wines and
their fermentation as well as the distillation of liquors and
stronger drinks. Certain societies such as dwarves regard
those who have such skills quite highly.
Carpentry: This skill can be used to create items from wood, big or
small. This skill could be used to create simple wooden toys
for children, furniture to outfit a home or even the home
itself as long as it is constructed primarily of wood. Such a
craftsman is highly valued by travelling merchants for their
abilities to easily repair wagons which
Lumber Buildings
Weapons (melee)
Weapons (ranged)
Cooking: This skill can be used to cook and prepare meals. The
higher the check, the more flavorful and filling the dish
Food (meat)
Food (veggie)
Engineering: This skill covers the creation of a wide range of mechanical
or complex creations, but can be used for simpler tasks as
well. This skill could be used to rig up a pulley system to lift
a heavy object to high place, to plan drainage for a city’s
sewer system or construct the war machines for that city’s
Siege Weapons
Gem Cutting: This skill can be used to refine and cut gems from their raw
form into beautiful, polished finished stones. Certain races,
such as gnomes and elves, respect such crafters highly and
use such items in the crafting of their weapons, armor and
other accoutrement.
Leatherworking: This skill can be used to create items of leather and hide.
This is generally done through either boiling and rendering
of the hide with oil or other similar means. This skill can be
used to create basic leather and hide armors of common
sizes and shapes or to repair such items.
Cloth & String
Temp Shelter
Stonemasonry: This skill covers knowledge of stone work, the creation of
mason structures and the mathematical engineering
behind such creations. This skill does not cover sculpting or
carving stone (which falls under artistry) but rather more
practical concerns such as the construction of stone works
and buildings.
Block Buildings
Tailoring: This skill can be used to create various cloth items. This skill
governs the knowledge of the formation of bolts of such
cloth as well as sewing, stitching and dyeing such items.
This skill is most often used to create basic sets of clothing.
Cloth & String Clothing

Other Skills

Skill Description Requires Provides
Leadership: This skill covers the ability to lead and delegate tasks. From
being the one in charge to the planner of how to best do a job.
nothing Direction
Soldiering: This skill covers basic police work to general soldiering. Generally,
people in this position served some sort of position in an
armed force in the world above.
Weapons (melee or ranged)
Armor (light or heavy)

Specialist Skills

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