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Reading Job Lists

Each Job is listed with 6 sections:
Title: This is where the job title is listed.
# Sessions: Each Job has a time element, typically these will be 1-4 sessions.
Skills & Special: This section lists skills that are pertinent to the job as well as any Resource or other requirements
Description: This is a more detailed description of what the job entails and what benefits may be conferred.
Check Modifiers: A list of any modifiers to the skill check.
Results: A breakdown of what happens on success or failure for the Job

Who can do what

  • Civilians can be assigned to any job but only add a half point towards their success.
  • Specialists can be assigned to any job, but add 2 points towards the check for the job if the job falls within their specialty. Otherwise, they count as Civilians for that job.
  • Specialists with the Leadership specialty add 1 to the skill check for a job and fullfill the Leader role for jobs with that requirement.
  • Adventurers can be assigned to any job. They count as a Specialist if the job falls in a specialty that matches one of their Narrative Skills. Otherwise, they add 1 point to the check. Adventurers count as having the Leadership specialty when applicable.
    • Adventurers can train Civilians into Specialists in a skill if they have at least 4 Trainings in the matching Narrative Skill. They can train Leadership if they have a 16 in Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

The Job Progress Check

General modifiers to the check. These may be trumped by exceptions listed in the individual Job.

  • -2 if a job has the Tools requirement but tools are not available.
  • +1 per 2 Civilians
  • +2 per Specialist if the job is in their specialty (max of +4 from same Specialty)
    • Excess Specialists count as Civilians
  • +1 per Leader (max +2)
    • Excess Leaders count as Civilians
  • +1 per Adventurer not used as a Specialist or Leader
Job Difficulty Class
Easy Moderate Hard
12 17 25

The Jobs

General Jobs
Town Council (always required) – started – needs finish
Guard Duty (always required) – started – needs finish
Scouting – to do
Away Team – basic idea – needs polish and finish
Diplomatic Mission – to do
Construct or Repair buildings or fortifications – started – needs finish
Skill Training – to do

Resource Gathering
Farm (animal, food, herb) – started – needs finish
Hunt, Fish, or Gather food – to do
Gather Lumber – to do
Forage Herbs – to do
Mine (block, gems, ore, precious metal, special metal) – to do

Product Creation
Alchemy – to do
Animal Handling – to do
Blacksmithing – to do
Bowyer/Fletcher – to do
Brewing – to do
Carpentry – to do
Cooking – to do
Engineering – to do
Gem Cutting – to do
Leatherworking – to do
Stonemasonry – to do
Tailoring – to do

Job List

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