Endless Caverns

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As you start down this cavern, the first thing you notice is that the passage does not stay going in one direction for long – up, down, left, right, the passages twist all over. A long time passes between splits, but there are passages that snake off in every direction. Even the ‘main’ passage splits many times in such a way that it is impossible to say which way is the ‘main’ passage. Sometimes, the passages simply loop around to the same passage later on or connects to another passage off of the ‘main’. The only thing that can be said about these passages is that they seem to go on forever.

Other Notes

Sites of Interest

Cthaka – a town of the Dreadfang Tribe
Clockwork Tower
Chapel of All Deities

People of Interest


Exits Connected To

? – First Cavern
? – Glittering Caves
? – Fungal Fields
? – The Labyrinth
? – Great Undersea
? – Grand Chasm
? – Freshflow River

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Endless Caverns

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