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Entering a large cavern, you see a settlement at the South end, a lake to the West, and caves exiting to the East & North.
The open part of the cavern is covered by fields, cultivated orchards of various fungal growths, and roaming herds of livestock. A few buildings are scattered here and there.
On the South side is the actual settlement. Built against the far half of the cavern, a wall surrounds it in a semi-circle. The buildings surrounded by the wall appear to be mostly trades buildings and workhouses. The far wall is peppered with small openings that appear to be the entrances to individual homes.
On the west side of the cavern, you can see a large lake fed by a river. A dock extend into the lake and a few boats can be seen fishing on the surface

Other Notes

Cthaka is populated by goblinoids of the Dreadfang Tribe.

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Exits Connected To

North – Endless Caverns
East – The Labyrinth
West – Great Undersea

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