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There are three types of Citizens: Civilians, Specialists, and Adventurers. The initial population & makeup of the community is determined randomly and will be added to on occasion by future deliveries from above. The population makeup is explained here.


Players will need to manage the resources of the community. The community starts with a finite amount of resources and those will need to be carefully husbanded to ensure the survival of the community.

for the resource management meta game, a chart to map resources to products
Resource to Products


At the start of each session, checks are made to determine progress on jobs started the last session then available Citizens are assigned to new jobs. There are the various jobs available in the community. Each job may have multiple Citizens assigned to it. The more assigned, the better the chance of success. Some jobs will have easier success than others. Jobs take 1-4 sessions depending on the size of the job.

An explanation of the checks and a list of jobs & their time requirement. (not all inclusive)
Job List

Community Management

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