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Anvilhold is the ancestral home of the Ironaxe Clan of dwarves. Anvilhold consists of two main sections; the Anvil Gate and the Great Hall.
The Anvil Gate is the main entrance to the territory of the Ironaxe Clan and actually consists of two sets of gates. The first gate is on the passage leading from the Endless Caverns, the second is the passage to the Great Hall.
Between the gates is area referred to as Anvil Gate. Here, a short passage leads to the market on the Freshflow River and another passage leads to the entrance of the dwarven mines.
The Great Hall refers to the main public area of Anvilhold – all of the shops, workhouses, storehouses, etc of the dwarves. From there can be accessed the residential areas and the Royal Palace.

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Sites of Interest

Anvil Market
Anvil Gate
Dwarven Mines
Great Hall
Royal Palace
Residential Quarter

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Exits Connected To

Gate – Endless Caverns
Market – Freshflow River
Mines – Glittering Caves

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