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Away Team
used to gather misc Materials found in the wild by Scouting or by adventurers. success determines percentage of materials gathered. leftovers are lost either due to poor handling or other underdark scavengers. Success is dependant on multiple factors, but the base DC is 10.
If the party has a Leader, add 2 to the roll (only one leader applies)
safety of area vs # of soldiers in team
each area will be rated as E,M,H. add 4 from the DC for each difficulty level.
Each Soldier in the team adds 2 to the roll
difficulty of gathering
some Materials are inherently harder to gather than others. Material is rated as E,M,H. add 4 to the DC for each difficulty level
Each Specialist in that field adds 2 to the roll
distance from home
add 1 to the DC for each Area between the gathering point and home
can only carry 1 Material per 2 citizens in party
1 citizen pushing a handcart can carry 1 Material
1 citizen driving a wagon can carry 4 Materials
add in failure – loss of people due to danger.
Two ideas for an away team mission:
1: Simplicity
Easy DC – few goods before fleeing
Moderate DC – moderate amount before fleeing
Hard DC – All/Most goods before fleeing

2: Cruel Underdark
Easy DC – few goods, 1d4 per 20 losses
Moderate DC – moderate goods, 1d4 per 10 losses
Hard DC – most goods, 1d4 per 8 losses
Natural 20: all goods, 1d4 losses

DC’s based on highest PC char level (there or not) *not sure if we’d all level together with this game style

Soldiers reduce loss by 1 per d4 rolled, soldier lost if d4 is 1(sacrifice)

Job Away Team

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