Community Makeup

Community Management
Character Creation

There are three types of Citizens: Civilians, Specialists, and Adventurers. The initial population & makeup of the community is determined randomly and will be added to on occasion by future deliveries from above.


  • Most Citizens will fall into the Civilian category. They don’t have any specific skills but serve as the main labor pool for just getting the job done.


  • Each Specialist has an ability that is useful for the community’s survival and that will make certain community jobs more likely to succeed.
  • There are a few that have the Leadership specialty, These are especially important for managing the community’s prosperity.
  • Specialist Skills in more detail


  • Adventurers can serve as Specialists or Leaders when appropriate.
  • They are also the driving force for helping the community thrive and expand.

Starting Population

  • The base starting population is 30 Citizens, one of whom is a Leader.

    • Each player will roll 3d6 to add to this total number of Citizens.
    • Each player will then roll 2d4. This result gives us the number of the Citizens that are Specialists.

      • Players will select a race, sex, and speciality for each of their Specialists – names will be generated randomly or chosen by players pending DM approval.
    • Any remaining Citizens are Civilians.
  • Each Player may create up to 3 characters that will be in the Adventurer pool.

    • Each session is intended to be a self contained adventure, so the idea is that the Adventurers will be back in town by the end of each session.

Additional Population

  • On occasion, the Brotherhood of Light will send down more Redeemers. Their skills and makeup will be determined randomly.
  • Each player will roll 1d4-1. The total of these rolls is the number of Citizens added.
  • One player will roll 1d6. This is the number of those Citizens that are Specialists. The remainder are Civilians.
  • Specialist skills are determined randomly.

Community Makeup

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