• Clamorous (Clam)

    Clamorous (Clam)

    Construct, Skirmisher, Occult Slayer
  • Galdor Anwamane

    Galdor Anwamane

    Elf, Reaver, Vampire
  • Gharehn


    Male Jinnai Sorcerer-Alienist wearing a long kilt, a hood and scarf about his shoulders, and carrying a quarter staff in his right hand.
  • Ivellios Melliamne

    Ivellios Melliamne

    Male Half-Elf Monk-Assassin wearing robes and carrying a quarter staff on his back
  • Jasandi Seaskipper

    Jasandi Seaskipper

    Halfling, Ranger, Assassin
  • Lohtota Greathoof

    Lohtota Greathoof

    Male Minotaur Half-Dragon Fighter-Barbarian using a Greataxe and wearing Hide armor