First Cavern

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the platform full of people and supplies starts to lower down a shaft into the earth.. It goes down
and down…. down… down.
As it lowers, you don your equipment. After what seems like hours, the platform emerges into a large cavern. There is the sound of falling water. A strange glow is in the air and seems to be emerging from various fungal growths on the rock surface. To the north, the remains of a town can be made out, as well as those of a fortress built into the northern wall. A large chasm in the western half of the cavern splits the cavern from north to south. A small cluster of buildings huddle on the nearer edge of the chasm. The sound of falling water turns out to be a waterfall coming from an opening high in the cavern wall. It emerges between the town and the fortress, runs eastward across the front of the fort then turns southeast and eventually leaves the cavern in the southern wall.

A minute later, the platform stops. after a moment, the chains disappear, and those with arcana detect magic in use. You are to the south of the remains of the town and fortress. A rough road leads between the two and extends southeast, passing about 20 yards to the landing site’s east, and continues to your east. The road appears to go toward a small lake formed where the river opens from a fast channel to a small wide lake. The road crosses the river just above the lake and continues to the eastern wall, where the only other exit from the cavern appears. Just south of the road you see a few buildings and what you think might be the remains of docks on the river. On the other side of the river, a forest of large fungal ‘trees’ covers the cavern floor. To your west, there are what appear to be once-cultivated groves of mushrooms and other fungals. Close by to your south is a large forest, as it were, of stalagmites.

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First Landing
Gloomlight Fortress
The Platform
The Docks

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East – Endless Caverns
South – Freshflow River
West – The Chasm

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First Cavern

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